Our mission statement

We want the technical innovations that digitisation makes possible to be accessible to everyone: Solutions for future-oriented communication. Of course, what matters here is the promise of impeccable broadband communication systems. However, our responsibility goes much further than that: we connect people around the world – in real time.

A team exists to reach common goals. We are much more than that; we view our cooperation as a partnership. That’s because our greatest strength is in our employees, our partners. Solutions 30 Operations creates expertise and growth through development. Not just growth in a business sense, but also in terms of acquiring expertise. To this end, employees are involved in thought processes and encouraged to provide opportunities for improvement in all company processes.

Innovation is what drives us

By introducing fully automatic control software, we were one of the first companies in the multimedia industry to mark a milestone. As technological pioneers, we not only create added value for our customers, we also simplify and streamline processes for our employees: We also create opportunities.

The focus is on quality and a positive attitude towards service

The aspiration of providing the fastest, least complicated service calls for quality standards that meet the needs of our customers and that match the dynamics of our industry. In doing so, we make sure that individual steps are taken correctly right from the start and that changes are identified at an early stage with the help of agile and sustainable methods.

About us

Facts about us

Our firm, Solutions 30 Operations GmbH, is part of the Solutions 30 Group, our parent company in Luxembourg www.solutions30.com. As a technical service partner of Unitymedia GmbH, we support our customers in ways ranging from providing telephone support to the installation of multimedia systems and troubleshooting.

Founded in 2003 by Jan Machuletz

Premium partner of Unitymedia GmbH

Over 450 employees in three countries

Headquarters in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Thanks to our network of locally based technicians, we are one of Germany’s leading providers of services in the field of communication technologies. Our staff have successfully completed more than six million assignments since 2003. In 2010, we became a contingent partner of Vodafone. As an enabler and innovator, we are aa driving force in the multimedia industry.

We create smart solutions

The smartest solutions are nothing without an outstanding team that turns a vision into reality.

We work together to achieve our goal of providing our customers with a fast and smooth technical service. Our solution: flat hierarchies – from logistics to our customer service and field service through to management. By communicating directly, we arrive at a correct understanding of what the customer actually needs.

Our team

Who are we?

We are a group of people who get things done and who don’t wait to be told what to do. We are technology freaks, all-rounders and career changers. We technical progress is our passion and life; we create smart solutions together.

Average age

Become a part of our team!

Bring your strengths to us and grow with us in the communications industry. Apply for our vacancies here. If there are no current vacancies, then make an unsolicited application

Our coverage

Our locations

The headquarters in Ludwigsburg:
Everything is controlled from the head office. Approximately 50 internal customer support staff work here. The main warehouse supplies around 160 technicians in the field service.

The Leinzell branch:
Six internal customer support staff are employed here. The warehouse supplies around 20 technicians.

The Weinheim branch:
Two internal customer support staff work here. The warehouse supplies roughly 150 technicians.

The Serres telephone customer service in Greece:
Forty employees in telephonic customer support and technical support for field service staff.

The Wroclaw telephone customer service in Poland:
Sixteen people are employed – telephonic customer support.

Our area of operations


Our partner

We provide fast solutions

As a technical service partner of Unitymedia GmbH, we support Unitymedia customers from the very first telephone contact through to troubleshooting. We have been doing this very successfully for over fifteen years. That’s why we are a Vodafone premium partner. Rapid processes that intermesh perfectly and a well-rehearsed team of technology-crazy specialists – this is what unites us.

Solutions 30 Operations GmbH

Headquarters Ludwigsburg
Teinacher Straße 49
71634 Ludwigsburg
07141 – 133 400