Just three steps –

and you’ll experience the communication of the future.

Once you have signed your contract with Unitymedia for the appropriate multimedia package (internet, TV or telephony), Solutions 30 Operations will then deal with your order. We will call you up and arrange an installation date with you so that we can install your new connection or to expand the existing Unitymedia system in your property.

It’s so easy:

Arrange a service appointment with us:Please make sure that our service technician has access to the house distribution system in the basement or attic and access to the aerial socket in your apartment (please remove any pieces of furniture that might be in the way).

Our service technician will visit you at the arranged time to install or extend your new cable system free of charge. Following installation, our technician will check the signal values on the cable system and on the multimedia outlet and adjust them. Then, everything is finally checked once more to see that everything works perfectly.

We can get started right now: Enjoy the latest communication technology!

+ Would you like to reschedule your service appointment?

Please inform us in advance if you are unable to attend an installation appointment. You can do that quite simply here.

+ Would you like to install your new multimedia system yourself?

Of course, you can also put your system into operation yourself. This is very easy, for example, if there is an existing house distribution system in your property: Is there already a multimedia outlet in your apartment? If this is the case, then we simply send you the technology you need and you can install everything yourself; you will not need an appointment. This is ideal if you are out at work and not at home during the day. Should you encounter any problems during installation, you can of course contact the Unitymedia Customer Service Centre for assistance at any time.

+ Problems after installation?

Please call the Unitymedia Customer Service Centre: 0221-46619100.
Solutions 30 Operations will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Please note:
In exceptional cases, it may take up to 48 hours for a modem in the Unitymedia network to be activated.

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