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What to do if there’s a fault?

It is possible that there may have been a power failure. In this case, you can easily fix the problem yourself. Have you already checked the following?

Does the device concerned have any power – are all the plugs and cables connected?

If the power supply is not interrupted, unplug the device from the mains and reset the device to the factory default settings.

Following the reset, reconnect the power supply and switch on the device. In many cases everything will now be working again.

Have you already consulted Unitymedia’s troubleshooting staff? Please have your user name and the login data from your Unitymedia user account ready.

+ Reporting a fault

If the fault cannot be rectified, please report it directly to Unitymedia on Tel. 0800- 122 20 00. As soon as you have reported a fault and the possibility of remote maintenance has been ruled out, Solutions30 Operations will call you to make an appointment.


Please let us know if the fault has been rectified in the meantime so that we can delete any upcoming service appointment.

+ Troubleshooting

As agreed, a service technician from Solutions 30 Operations will come to your location. Please make sure that our technician has unrestricted access to the house distribution system in the basement or attic as well as to the antenna socket in your apartment (please remove any pieces of furniture that may be in the way). You can find tips on how to do this at Help and service.

If necessary, our service technician will switch off the multimedia system for the entire building to check whether the central technical unit is defective. This is why you should inform the other residents of the house that the system will be taken out of operation for a short time. You will find a ready-made notice to download.

Our technician will check the existing signal values at the cable service drop (house transfer point) and at the multimedia outlet in the apartment, as well as the quality and functionality of the house wiring and the functionality of your equipment. After the fault has been rectified, the signal values will be adjusted and checked at the cable system and at the multimedia outlet.

Now you can use your multimedia system again – internet, telephone and TV – without any restrictions.

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